Expressions- Short Poems

It all began when I scribbled a few lines to motivate myself. Least did I expect to compose a verse—

No I will not call it quits
no matter how hard it hits
I know in life I will have to struggle
I hope there’s glory across the tunnel
I will not concede, will not fail
even if you think I will wail
there would be obstacles on my way
but i will traverse and survive the day
I will bear and endure and not weep
to ensure mirth and success before I sleep

And soon I realized, I could scribe a bit more!

Most of us would have experienced this at some point of time—

For nights I have cried
I gave it my all, I tried
You were hesitant, I got insecure
though my love was always pure
I have fought with you, been unreasonable
that’s because you made me so vulnerable
You did not let me go away
But you didn’t even let me stay
I tried to maintain the distance
but it lacked the persistence
I know I will have to accept and move on
I wish it was easy but life goes on…………..

Before you move on to read the next one,  have a look at this Bournville advertisement to cheer up!!


And I hope the last one makes you ponder for a while—

Yes it is her fault
She is born for assault
She is bred by her family with care
for you men to ogle and stare
Oh she didn’t wear something that covers her knee
so you have the right to celebrate and glee
Its the dead of night and she is out with a boy
You get the liberty to use her as a toy
Its your horrid mind you coward
that planks your heinous act forward
Dare not touch her without the consent
because that’s how it is rightfully meant
But of course it is her fault
She is a Woman, born for assault!!!


6 thoughts on “Expressions- Short Poems

  1. Superbly xpressed…. Leaves u thinkin about a lot of things gal
    All d best for upcoming stuff… M sure u not gonna pen down here

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