Expressions 2

“Mum, You are the world”, I owe my life to you …This one is dedicated to all the mothers..

Mum, you are my world
Your love is unconditional
You have always been inspiring
when others are busy conspiring
You absolve my grief and my pain
To ensure in life I prosper and gain
How do you know I will cry
before the tear drops from eye
Easily you catch my lie
You have peculiarity of a spy
You are the undisputed culinary queen
Your demeanor angelic and sheen
I have snapped at you, taken you for granted
Mum, you are my world, I love you whole hearted

How many times do we call ourselves unlucky? Rant that life hasn’t been fair? Ever thought about the people with limited means, who do not enjoy the luxuries in life like the way we do… Now is that fair?

Life is beautiful and life is good
Then why are some under the hood
They haven’t be distinguished by God
Could it be true that He forgot
They cannot make their ends meet
While others thrive and succeed
Their vigor is put to test
And fortuitous get to exult
Only if they get some relief
Stronger will become their belief
I hope their wishes come true
Which are not many, only a few….

And the last one is pretty simple and straight forward, I hope it brings a grin on your face–

You and I are so mingled
With our minds so entangled
I love to go out on a date
Action flick is what I hate
Shopping makes me happy
Sports channels are all crappy
Embrace me when I am sad
Your silence makes me mad
Shower me with compliments
Apprehend my subtle hints
Alright don’t you be so annoyed
My expectations are a little paranoid
I will be your friend, your lover
I promise I will not let you suffer
I will bring in jubilation for thou
I know how to stand by my vow….


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