Striking a Chord

I read the newspaper today, was anguished by how people can kill over an argument over a leave?? Has Life become so worthless.. There is no value of life???

Is LIFE precious or not worth a dime
We deprive each other of existence
Ingress into armed conflicts
Cause vindictive bloodshed
Infiltrate into other nation
and instigate annihilation
The “heaven” on earth is never quiet
and there are myriad religious riots
When did LIFE become so ignoble
That humans direct honour killings
The youth is full of aggression
and always ready for altercation
One is deprived of a drink
and he shoots without a blink
Is it not absurd and ironical
Mortal himself becomes an assassin
Future beholds, what will happen
In God’s very own little kingdom

And now this one is for all my prized possessions who have been there for me through thick and thin… “I’ll be there for you, Like I’ve been there before….. I’ll be there for you, Cuz you’re there for me too”

You all are life’s best treasure
Our alliance beyond measure
When my essence gets a dent
I know exactly where to vent
You are true keepers of my secret
And don’t judge me by my conduct
There have been tests innumerable
Combined efforts saved us from failure
Sleep overs and motley celebrations
Free us from days so monotonous
All the parties, trips and dinners
Are convivial coz of our togetherness
The conversations that never seem to end
Coz you understand me so well my FRIENDs
You never abstain from appreciation
so I will acknowledge your criticism
Those silly brawls, tears and anger
build the bond strong for ever and ever….


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