Picturesque Ladakh

“No, LEH via plane, Whats the point?”

“No, real beauty is on the way that leads to LEH”

“Early April is off season”

Yes, I had to hear it from a lot of people.. But sometimes in life you want to enliven yourself and it does not matter what the world thinks.. After a lot of contemplation and research on altitude sickness, it seemed we (me and my parents) can survive the altitude…..

I embarked the flight with no rue,

Over the snow Summit we flew


The Placid city elevated so high

commands a day to Acclimatize

View of Leh From Shanti Stupa

View of Leh From Shanti Stupa

River Indus gliding in backdrop

River Indus gliding in backdrop

Astonishingly unpretentious and Divine

The Stupa and Palace so Sublime

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa


Leh Palace

The profoundly captivating territory

Magnetic prominence that flouts gravity


The stretch of river confluence so hushed

which otherwise is ravingly uncurbed


Sangam of Indus and Zanskar

The locale profusely spiritual

with monasteries much colossal

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery


Hemis Monastery


The roads that converge with skies

rise unparalleled into the heights





Snow, smooth and abundant

Radiates chill unerringly resistant

DSC01673 DSC01679 DSC01678

In pursuit of Pinnacle

Triumphing heaps of obstacles

Atmosphere, subtle and thin

Forcing quick descent with the kin


On our way to KhardungLa




Splendid pictures to frame

Umpteenth memories to retain

Until I see you again

as Pangong remains unattained

But can rightfully claim

Yes, I have been Leh’d!!


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