Desert Cruise : Safari to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer


Aboriginally tinged in remarkable blues
The city now blends with contemporary hues
The fort exemplifies epic chronicles
Palace epitome of voguish architectures


Mehrangarh Fort



FullSizeRender (7)

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Regional flavours so palatable and luscious
Spices and Sweets proffered in abundance


Not far ahead lies the desert territory
Camouflaging narratives in its periphery
Lakes and Sunsets so visually quaint
Vivid graphics for lens man’s enchant


Gadisar lake



Thar, tranquil and distinguishably scenic
Glistens in gold, appears mesmeric
Ship of desert offers the ride much bumpy
Lively voyage on dunes such humpy


The dilapidated village uninhabited since years
Paranormal powers, the misguided rumours


Kuldhara Village


The elevated fort extremely grandeur
Sight from the top, inevitable to remember

The land predominantly barren
Oasis, unearthed as safe haven


Arts and Craft offer cultural spectacle
Shoppers attain a treat irresistible
Food again immensely delectable
Your return to the borough irrefutable….


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