Desert Cruise : Safari to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer


Aboriginally tinged in remarkable blues
The city now blends with contemporary hues
The fort exemplifies epic chronicles
Palace epitome of voguish architectures


Mehrangarh Fort



FullSizeRender (7)

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Regional flavours so palatable and luscious
Spices and Sweets proffered in abundance


Not far ahead lies the desert territory
Camouflaging narratives in its periphery
Lakes and Sunsets so visually quaint
Vivid graphics for lens man’s enchant


Gadisar lake



Thar, tranquil and distinguishably scenic
Glistens in gold, appears mesmeric
Ship of desert offers the ride much bumpy
Lively voyage on dunes such humpy


The dilapidated village uninhabited since years
Paranormal powers, the misguided rumours


Kuldhara Village


The elevated fort extremely grandeur
Sight from the top, inevitable to remember

The land predominantly barren
Oasis, unearthed as safe haven


Arts and Craft offer cultural spectacle
Shoppers attain a treat irresistible
Food again immensely delectable
Your return to the borough irrefutable….


Picturesque Ladakh

“No, LEH via plane, Whats the point?”

“No, real beauty is on the way that leads to LEH”

“Early April is off season”

Yes, I had to hear it from a lot of people.. But sometimes in life you want to enliven yourself and it does not matter what the world thinks.. After a lot of contemplation and research on altitude sickness, it seemed we (me and my parents) can survive the altitude…..

I embarked the flight with no rue,

Over the snow Summit we flew


The Placid city elevated so high

commands a day to Acclimatize

View of Leh From Shanti Stupa

View of Leh From Shanti Stupa

River Indus gliding in backdrop

River Indus gliding in backdrop

Astonishingly unpretentious and Divine

The Stupa and Palace so Sublime

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa


Leh Palace

The profoundly captivating territory

Magnetic prominence that flouts gravity


The stretch of river confluence so hushed

which otherwise is ravingly uncurbed


Sangam of Indus and Zanskar

The locale profusely spiritual

with monasteries much colossal

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery


Hemis Monastery


The roads that converge with skies

rise unparalleled into the heights





Snow, smooth and abundant

Radiates chill unerringly resistant

DSC01673 DSC01679 DSC01678

In pursuit of Pinnacle

Triumphing heaps of obstacles

Atmosphere, subtle and thin

Forcing quick descent with the kin


On our way to KhardungLa




Splendid pictures to frame

Umpteenth memories to retain

Until I see you again

as Pangong remains unattained

But can rightfully claim

Yes, I have been Leh’d!!

Striking a Chord

I read the newspaper today, was anguished by how people can kill over an argument over a leave?? Has Life become so worthless.. There is no value of life???

Is LIFE precious or not worth a dime
We deprive each other of existence
Ingress into armed conflicts
Cause vindictive bloodshed
Infiltrate into other nation
and instigate annihilation
The “heaven” on earth is never quiet
and there are myriad religious riots
When did LIFE become so ignoble
That humans direct honour killings
The youth is full of aggression
and always ready for altercation
One is deprived of a drink
and he shoots without a blink
Is it not absurd and ironical
Mortal himself becomes an assassin
Future beholds, what will happen
In God’s very own little kingdom

And now this one is for all my prized possessions who have been there for me through thick and thin… “I’ll be there for you, Like I’ve been there before….. I’ll be there for you, Cuz you’re there for me too”

You all are life’s best treasure
Our alliance beyond measure
When my essence gets a dent
I know exactly where to vent
You are true keepers of my secret
And don’t judge me by my conduct
There have been tests innumerable
Combined efforts saved us from failure
Sleep overs and motley celebrations
Free us from days so monotonous
All the parties, trips and dinners
Are convivial coz of our togetherness
The conversations that never seem to end
Coz you understand me so well my FRIENDs
You never abstain from appreciation
so I will acknowledge your criticism
Those silly brawls, tears and anger
build the bond strong for ever and ever….

Expressions 2

“Mum, You are the world”, I owe my life to you …This one is dedicated to all the mothers..

Mum, you are my world
Your love is unconditional
You have always been inspiring
when others are busy conspiring
You absolve my grief and my pain
To ensure in life I prosper and gain
How do you know I will cry
before the tear drops from eye
Easily you catch my lie
You have peculiarity of a spy
You are the undisputed culinary queen
Your demeanor angelic and sheen
I have snapped at you, taken you for granted
Mum, you are my world, I love you whole hearted

How many times do we call ourselves unlucky? Rant that life hasn’t been fair? Ever thought about the people with limited means, who do not enjoy the luxuries in life like the way we do… Now is that fair?

Life is beautiful and life is good
Then why are some under the hood
They haven’t be distinguished by God
Could it be true that He forgot
They cannot make their ends meet
While others thrive and succeed
Their vigor is put to test
And fortuitous get to exult
Only if they get some relief
Stronger will become their belief
I hope their wishes come true
Which are not many, only a few….

And the last one is pretty simple and straight forward, I hope it brings a grin on your face–

You and I are so mingled
With our minds so entangled
I love to go out on a date
Action flick is what I hate
Shopping makes me happy
Sports channels are all crappy
Embrace me when I am sad
Your silence makes me mad
Shower me with compliments
Apprehend my subtle hints
Alright don’t you be so annoyed
My expectations are a little paranoid
I will be your friend, your lover
I promise I will not let you suffer
I will bring in jubilation for thou
I know how to stand by my vow….

Expressions- Short Poems

It all began when I scribbled a few lines to motivate myself. Least did I expect to compose a verse—

No I will not call it quits
no matter how hard it hits
I know in life I will have to struggle
I hope there’s glory across the tunnel
I will not concede, will not fail
even if you think I will wail
there would be obstacles on my way
but i will traverse and survive the day
I will bear and endure and not weep
to ensure mirth and success before I sleep

And soon I realized, I could scribe a bit more!

Most of us would have experienced this at some point of time—

For nights I have cried
I gave it my all, I tried
You were hesitant, I got insecure
though my love was always pure
I have fought with you, been unreasonable
that’s because you made me so vulnerable
You did not let me go away
But you didn’t even let me stay
I tried to maintain the distance
but it lacked the persistence
I know I will have to accept and move on
I wish it was easy but life goes on…………..

Before you move on to read the next one,  have a look at this Bournville advertisement to cheer up!!


And I hope the last one makes you ponder for a while—

Yes it is her fault
She is born for assault
She is bred by her family with care
for you men to ogle and stare
Oh she didn’t wear something that covers her knee
so you have the right to celebrate and glee
Its the dead of night and she is out with a boy
You get the liberty to use her as a toy
Its your horrid mind you coward
that planks your heinous act forward
Dare not touch her without the consent
because that’s how it is rightfully meant
But of course it is her fault
She is a Woman, born for assault!!!